Facing fears

This has got to be one of the most stupid fears in existence. You're fully aware that your ideas or your efforts are going to be stellar, but you let them crumble and collect dust. I don't get it. How do I self-soothe to get to a good place? The only answer I hear is … Continue reading Facing fears


Loving me

I couldn't sleep last night. I was horribly angst ridden and instead of staring at the ceiling I read. Despite that, I still felt restless and unfulfilled. I know my future exactly as it will be, but my present circumstances make me doubt. This morning was no different until I stumbled across a particular thought. … Continue reading Loving me

Truth or fiction?

  I began Nellechan because I wanted to vent; just vent about all my problems and fears. If you scroll down and read the tone of my blogging history it is obvious that I have issues. Well, we all have issues and sometimes issues never completely go away, do they? My solution this year - … Continue reading Truth or fiction?

A schedule

I've abandoned you. I've also abandoned me. How dare I not document my life here?!! So... Every Sunday... Look out for me!


The sun is shining. My heart is soaring. My dreams are blooming. I'm blessed and thankful to God for it. Now, I'm saying this while my eyes are still only half-open from just getting up. I am later than I expected so I am still considering whether to "exercise" still since I am up later … Continue reading Wake up THANKFUL